The University of Surrey Students' Union has a vibrant community and nightlife scene, catering for a diverse range of tastes. This year we have adapted to keep the party going, and provide as many events as possible through 2020/21:

Post-fresher's week, we converted our 1,550 capacity nightclub into Rubix Lounge, our redesigned bar provides a new music setup with SubTV allowing you to control the music, as well as table service food and drinks on offer 7 days a week. 

We're all about bringing students together and providing the best entertainment possible - we hope to see you soon!

Rubix Lounge FAQs

Current Update: Rubix Lounge is currently closed until Graduation week one.

What is The Marquee and when is it open?

We've converted the marquee at Pats Field into a relaxing daytime social space, providing food and drinks through the round app, and our latest night-time venue, featuring entertainment such as Hari's Challenge, Citrus, Flirt, and over 100 tables (the UK's biggest covid-friendly student venue!).

What is Rubix Lounge and when is it open?

Rubix Lounge is our redesigned, covid-secure bar - featuring SubTV (where you can request songs by downloading the SubTV App), seating for over 330 people, pool and table football, as well as food and drink served through the Round app. Rubix Lounge is currently closed until further notice.

Are non-students allowed at The Marquee/Rubix Lounge?

As long as they are accompanied by a student (and at the discretion of the duty manager) non-students are allowed in.

Do I need to buy a ticket or book a table?

Nope! All our events are currently free until further notice - we don't have any booking system in place for tables, so we do advise you come early to avoid queuing.

Do I need to bring my student ID?

Please bring your student ID where possible as it makes the entry process quicker, if you do not have this then please bring another valid form of ID and fill out track and trace on the door.

Can I bring my own Food and Drinks?

You are able to bring your own food to both The Marquee and Rubix Lounge; both venues also have food available to purchase on site (Lord Falafel in Rubix Lounge and a different food trader in The Marquee every week). You won't be able to bring your own drinks however.

How many people can I come with?

To comply with current government guidance, tables of up to 6 people from a single household can be seated in The Marquee, tables in rubix lounge range from 2 to 11 people (once again from the same household) but keep in mind that bigger tables may fill up quick!

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