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 Student Life Pulse

The University of Surrey Students' Union are committed to understanding the lives of our students and their experiences at university. In order to do this, we are proud members of the Student Life Pulse, an online survey specially developed for student unions in the UK. The study will track the experience of our students throughout the academic year, as well as their perceptions and experiences of the U​nion itself. We'll use the information collected to develop and plan our services for the future and act as the voice of our students.

Between October and June you will receive an email inviting you to take part by completing the online survey. We want to hear the views of as many of our students as possible, so we hope you can spare a few minutes to help us with this important research!

The research is being administered by Alterline, an independent research agency. Alterline is an accredited research company which follows all guidelines for data privacy and security. It only has enough information about you to conduct the research and it will not keep any of your personal information after the research is finished.

Any information you disclose will be treated in the strictest confidence and the results are anonymised so no answers are attributable to any individuals.

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Our Plan for 2020/21

We ran the Student Life Pulse survey last year, and we've been working on our plan for this year to address your feedback.

What will we be doing this year?

This year, based on the feedback you gave us through Pulse, we have identified 5 areas for improvement.

1.  Making you more employable

We know how important your future is to you. We will be running the Employable Me scheme again this year, and are making the effort to work with all our student volunteers and employees to show you how to communicate the skills you've developed to employers or placement providers.

2.  Positively impacting your wellbeing

You may have already heard of Nightline, but this year, Welfare Watch has been launched to support your wellbeing during Rubix nights, and will launch a peer support group in February to promote positive mental wellbeing. We've lobbied for changes to the Extenuating Circumstances process to better support you, and will be campaigning for more changes for next year.

3.  Ensuring you can influence the decisions we make

This October we asked you suggest and vote for a campaign you thought we should run, and you picked Sustainability. The other top suggestions will still be worked on, but this main student-led campaign will now run all year. During SurreyDecides, we'll be encouraging you to get involved in running for election and voting, so that you have the opportunity to have your say.

4. Making sure our communications are relevant to you

We've been working on tailoring our newsletter content this year to make sure that you see stories that you're interested in. We have ongoing plans to increase our use of social media, and will be making use of Microsoft Teams to communicate with student volunteers to avoid relying on emails.

5.  Positively impacting your social life

Your entire University experience at Surrey is vitally important to us. In the face of a challenging year, we will still be trying as best we can to offer you a positive social experience at Surrey so that you feel at home and part of a community. We will be looking to run new and innovative events digitially and where possible, in person, and still encourage you to get involved with societies and clubs in order to develop your social lives. 


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​If you have any questions about the research, please contact ​

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