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The following procedure outlines the formal method for resolving complaints with the Students' Union. If you have a complaint regarding the University, please click here: University Complaints


Making a Complaint

  1. Complaints will be accepted from any individual, entity or representative body.

  2. All complaints will be handled in the same manner regardless of whom or what is making the complaint.

  3. Complaints will only be accepted in writing either by letter or e-mail.

  4. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

  5. There is no prescribed format for complaints, the complainant does not have specifically state that they are making a formal complaint.

  6. Complaints will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt.

  7. Complaints will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt.

  8. The initial acknowledgement will state:
    a. the expected timescale in which the complaint will be resolved.
    b. the name of who will be dealing with complaint and how to contact them

  9. Members have the right under the code of practice to complain directly to the University of Surrey as detailed in 36 if they do not wish to use this complaints procedure


For further information about making a complaint please read the following Complaints and Discipline Policy - Complaints and discipline.pdf

 Send a Complaint

To email a complaint please send it to:

To send a letter please send it to: 

The University of Surrey Students' Union
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