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Please note that the Union will be closed from 26th March - 12th April due to the University's Easter closure dates. The Union Advice Inbox will not be monitored during this time. 

If you have emailed for support, we strongly recommend you read over the information on this page, and adhere to any deadlines you've been given by the University. However, if you urgently require support, you can request more time from the University in order to seek support before continuing with the process you're undergoing. We will respond as soon as we can upon re-opening, thank you for your patience. 

The University are unable to schedule a disciplinary panel over the easter holidays. If you have been asked to attend a panel during easter, then please email and request a date change. 

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If you have broken one of the Universities codes of conducts, policies or regulations, then you may find yourself on a University disciplinary.

For minor offenses, you may find that you have to pay a fine or are given a penalty from your warden or another 'authorised' member of the University community. However, If you have too many similar minor penalties with the University, they may refer to you a major disciplinary, which means you may have to attend a hearing with the University. You can appeal if you think you have grounds to do so. 

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For major offenses or repeated minor offenses, you may be asked to attend a Panel hearing. This will only happen after an investigation led by OSCAR (Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations) so you should already be aware of what the panel are going to discuss and why you have been called to a panel. If you have only been 

The Students' Union know that disciplinaries can be very stressful and difficult for students, which is why we strongly recomend you seek support from the Students' Union and our academic advice team. We highly recomend that you have someone throughout your panel, you can bring a friend that you trust or a SU representative. 

What can the Students' Union do?

It is strongly advised that you seek advice from our Academic Advice team if you have been asked to attend a panel disciplinary. We can help you navigate the process and talk through the allegations to prepare you for the panel. Advisors can look through the evidence with you and see where you can provide evidence to support your case. Our advisors can help you consider the questions that you might be asked by the panel members and what the likley outcomes might be. 

Our advisors can also come to the panel with you, to be your support. Although we can't speak on your behalf, we can ensure that procedure is being followed, support you in the panel and remind you of the things you might wish to say. 

Our advisors can also support you through the investigation stage if you would like support in meeting with OSCAR and the team investigating your case.

We recomend that you email us: 

What is a minor penalty?

A minor penalty may be because you have breached a code of practise or condition of living, such as making too much noise or covering your smoke alarm. You will be given a penalty from an authorised person within the University community (usually your Warden or Security).

Penalties can include a fine of up to £200, a final written warning or a temporary ban of University premises. You must make sure that the conditions of your minor penalty are met before the deadline, otherwise you could face further disciplinary action.

Where there have been several minor misconduct penalties for the same thing, you also might face further disciplinary action by having to attend a panel hearing.

Remember that you are able to appeal a fine or minor penalty. For more information, email us at 

What is a disciplinary Panel?

Disciplinary panels are called when the alleged misconduct is too serious to be minor, or where there are several similar minor offenses.  You will be asked to attend the panel to give your side of the story, your account to the panel and to answer any questions the panel may have about the alleged misconduct. 

Usually members in a Panel include:

  • A chair of the meeting
  • Another member of University Staff
  • A student representative, usually a sabattical officer
  • A secretary to the meeting, usually someone from OSCAR
You may be put on an MEO (Managed Exclusion Order) in advance of the Panel. You can find out more about MEOs here:

What happens in the panel?

Before the panel hearing, you will be sent a Dossier of information, informing you of what the allegations are against you and what evidence will be presented to the panel. You will be asked questions relating to the allegations and what happened. You will be given the chance to respond to all the allegations and comments about you. 

It is suggested that you attend in person where possible, with a friend you trust or a Students' Union represetative. If you are unable to attend in person, you may ask to video call or provide a written statement to the panel.

Once the panel have asked all of their questions and you have said everything you wish to say, you will be asked to leave the room with your friend/SU representative whilst the panel make their descision. You will then be invited back into the room where the panel will give you their descision: either upheld allegations, partially upheld or dismissed. If your case is upheld or partially upheld, you will be given your outcome and penalty at the time. 

Know your rights:

  • You are able to bring someone with you - a friend or a SU representative
  • You have the right to reply to any comments made about or against you
  • You are able to take a break at any time throughout the panel
  • You will find out the outcome of the panel immediatley after the panel is finished or, you will be informed why the panel are unable to reach a desicision that day

What do I need to do first?

  • Read the University's Regulations for Disciplinary. These can be found on the web-site of the Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations (OSCAR) -
  • Read through the information that you have been given 
  • You can prepare a short statement to read at the start of the meeting or panel
  • Gather any evidence that supports the points you would like to make. Your invitation should explain when this evidence should be submitted. 

 I need further advice:

You can make an appointment with one of our Academic Advice team to discuss your case and your panel hearing. We offer appointments between Monday - Friday, 10-4pm.

Please email with the following information:

Name​, Course, Year of study, Details of your case , Any documentation you have received relating to your case, including the Dossier and panel invitation (if you have recieved them) and Date of interview or panel if known​

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