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The Front Room is a comfortable student-friendly social space. It's there for you to relax in between lectures and at the end of the day. You can eat and drink in The Front Room, and there is a small kitchen area with a microwave and on-demand boiling water. There are also games consoles, board games and even table tennis tables if you wish to chill out!

Q: Who can use it? 

A: Any student or staff member can use it, and you can bring in guests, however you are responsible for their conduct whilst they are in there. 

Q: When is it open? 

A: The Front Room is open from 8am-11pm, seven days a week. 

Q: How do I get in?

A: The doors are open from 8.00am-6.00pm and from 6.00pm onwards you can use your campus/swipe card to open the door. 

Q: Is there Wi-Fi? 

A: Yes, it has University Wi-Fi. 

Q: Can I reserve an area or table?

A: Unfortunately you cannot book The Front Room or reserve a space. Everyone is welcome to turn up and use what is available on a first come, first served basis. If you move the furniture around, please put it back after you have finished with it.

Q: Can I book the Front Room for an event? 

A: No. The Front Room needs to be accessible to everyone at all times. It is not possible to close it for a private event. However we do have other rooms you could use e.g. The Basement (formally The Living Room), Hari's Bar and Rubix. For more information email 

Q: What are the rules with food? Can I bring my own food in and can I eat takeaway e.g. Pizzaman? 

A: You can bring in food for your own consumption. There is a microwave and basic kitchenette which are free to use. You must clear up after yourself and put your rubbish in the bin. 

Q: Can I make tea / coffee? 

A: Yes! There is a special hot water tap that provides on demand filtered boiling or chilled water. 

Q: Can I drink alcohol in the Front Room/ can we have pre-drinks in The Front Room?​

A: Yes , however please treat the space respectfully and tidy up after yourselves. 

Q: Can I play music and how? What are the restrictions? 

A: Currently, we have kept the SubTV system in the room, there is a blue volume control on the wall to turn the music up or down. 

Q: How do I use the games consoles?  

A: There is an Xbox One and a PS4 in the sideboard underneath the TV. The TV remote and games controllers are in the drawers. 

Q: Can I do a cake sale or have a table to promote / advertise / raise money? 

A: Yes, providing you tidy up when you have finished. 

Q: Can I open the patio doors? 

A: During the summer we will be opening the patio doors during the day, however as they require manual locking and unlocking it is not possible to leave them unlocked. 

Q: Can I put decorations up for a birthday or for my groups gathering e.g. banners / balloons? 

A: Yes as long as you take them down afterwards. The room must be left as it was found. 

Q: Can we meet at The Front Room for the start of a bar crawl? 

A: Why not meet in Hari's Bar instead? If you inform the bar in advance, drinks deals can be arranged for your group. Please email James at 

Q: If we have a problem who should we contact?

A: Daytime: Union Reception 01483 689223

Night-time: Duty Manager 07854 230 576 or in an Emergency - Security 3333

Q: What do we do if there is a fire? 

A: Leave the building as quickly and safely as possible and congregate on Stag Hill. 

Q: What is the capacity of The Front Room?

A: There is seating for 120

Q: Can a band or DJ play in the Front Room?

A: No, this is a licensable activity, and this room is not licensed. 

Q: Can I use the patio area for an event? 

A: Yes, however, as with the main room this is not a bookable space. 

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