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Technical equipment provided to clubs and societies when ​booking a Student union Venue

The Marquee

The up to 720 seat (120 households) socially distanced entertainment space comes with full PA system, stage , lights, and video screen. 

the full techspec is available from here:


For a nightclub style booking of rubix the following will be provided as standard:

Installed nightclub lighting rig over dance floor

whatever lighting rig is currently in place and working over stage (this rig changes often)

Installed Turbosound PA system

Installed video screens ( house visuals or connection of your laptop)

DJ setup (1 x DJM900N2 DJ mixer, 2 x CDJ2000N2 CD players, 1 x shure SM58 microphone, 1x RCF DJ monitor, 1x steeldeck DJ table)  plus 2 x technics SL1210 turntables by prior request

1 x Stage crew to set up and turn on the above and ensure it is working

A wide range of additional equipment, and the stage crew to set up and operate it, is also available by prior arrangement.

Haris Bar

Hari's Bar has its own sound system, which by default plays a music playlist (or the main Rubix sound)

there is a small stage area which has a projector and screen and 2 stage lights

Equipment is available by prior request for small events such as open mic or quiz

A normal setup for additional equipment is:

8ch mixing desk

2 microphones

2 DI boxes for instruments

cables for laptop audio

2 monitor speakers

however this can be tailored to your event by prior arrangement


The Basement has an installed club system, which is designed for the user to be able to switch on and off, consisting of:

Pioneer DJM900 nexus2 DJ mixer

2 Pioneer CDJ2000 CD players

1 microphone

1 cable to plug in phone / laptop audio (3.5mm jack)

Turbosound Speaker system

2 DJ monitor speakers in DJ booth

basic lighting with 6 small moving heads and a strobe

projector and screen with HDMI input at DJ booth (which can also link to the 4 TV screens on dance floor)

2 Technics SL1210 record decks are available by prior request

a second microphone is also available by prior request

The space is not really suited to the addition of extra equipment and is not suitable for events like bands

Normally no technician is provided for Basement events. THe bar staff or Duty manager will be able to contact someone in the event of a problem. 

By prior arrangement it may be possible to have a technician meet you before your event to check you are happy and everything is working

Front Room

The Front Room has a small speaker system which normally plays "Sub tv" the music channel playing on the TV screens (this is an AP based service, where you can select and play your own playlists) there is a volume control on the wall by the single brown door.

There are 2 large TV screens (one with X-box and one with Playstation) both of these you can connect a laptop etc for coursework or to watch a film

Because the Front Room is not a bookable space, but is open to all students generally there is no extra equipmemnt available for this space.

However, by prior request, it is possible to:

have the patio speakers turned on to play music (not before 5pm on  weekdays)

connect your own phone / laptop to play your own music

have a single microphone provided

University Hall

University hall has a small , self service, PA system installed in a case on the wall in the corner opposite the main entrance doors

the system comprises;

a CD player

a cable to connect a phone or laptop audio to

a wireless lapel microphone

a wired handheld microphone

a small mixing desk to control volumes

4 speakers (1 roughly in each corner of the room)

a wide range of staging, lighting, curtains, larger speakers, mixing desks, microphones, projectors and screens,  etc, plus the stage crew to operate it,  is available by prior request. All of these take time to set up which will need to be factored into your room booking times

Wates House

Wates House whilst not a Student Union venue does have technical equipment installed in various rooms that we can advise you about. We can also provide additional equipment for all your events

Green Room

The Green Room is the main event space in Wates House and has a built in stage.

The Student Union has an Installed sound and lighting system available to users

The system compises:

Turbosound Speaker system

wall mount mixing desk for 4 microphones plus line inputs

Basic DJ console (Numark....), jack cable for phone / laptop audio

basic disco lighting

stage lighting with wall mounted lighting desk (can be relocated by prior arangement)

a projector which projects onto the back wall of stage

the back wall of stage the "stage wings" and some windows have black curtains

Bar area

The bar area has its own sound system which plays music (it is possible to add a microphone for pub quiz style events)

There is also a larger speaker system for small disco style events in the area between the "bridge" and the bar which we switch on by prior arrangement.


Treetops has a Small AV system provided by the University AV team (projector , screen, and laptop sopund only) but no equipment for running events. As with all events , we can provide equipment for this space

For more information, to discuss your requirements, or to book equipment 

Please contact our production team
 or the Student Union Stage Crew 

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