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Technical / event equipment for use by Clubs and societies for their events

coming soon

Technical / event equipment for use by individual students for personal use

coming soon

Lighting equipment available for use by Clubs and societies in University Hall 

The following reduced equipment list is available whilst some of our equipment is in the marquee venue


2            Robert Juliat Foxie followspot

2            SOURCE 4 25/50 ZOOM 750w

10          source4 15/30 zoom 750w

4            source4 jnr 25/50 zoom 575w

8            CCT MINUETTE ZOOM PROFILE  500w

2            Strand Harmony 15/28 Profile 1kw

2            Strand Harmony 22/40 Profile 1kw

6          selecon RamaHP 1.2kw Fresnel

1          selecon Rama 1.2kw fresnel

24          CCT Starlette mk2 1kw Fresnel

17          ADB or CCT Starlette 1kw Fresnel

4            STRAND FRESNEL 743    1kw

8            CCT MINUETTE FRESNEL 500w

4          CCT MINUETTE PC 500w

1          selecon Aclaim Fresnel 500w

7          CCT / Strand 1k flood

10          Thomas 500w floods (house lights)

6            90" SOCAPEX BAR OF 6 PAR64  (currently all 1kw)

4            60" SOCAPEX BAR OF 4 PAR64

2            60" socapex bar of 4 source 4 pars (currently wide)

20          single PAR64 parcans    

12        SHORTNOSE PAR64

various 12v and 240v birdies, Pulsar RGB chromabirdies and colourkinetiks RGB birdies

Selection of lenses for source 4 pars

selection of wide and narrow, in 500w and 1kw parcan lamps     (cp86, cp88, cp60, cp62)

all fresnels come with barn doors


10          Robe colourspot 250AT

4            Robe colourspot 575AT

7            Robe colourwash 575ATE zoom

2          Robe colourwash 700ATE



Avolites Saphire touch lighting desk

Zerro88 JesterML lighting desk

36ch Pulsar installed dimemr rack with 15A patch to IWBs

48ch Avolites ART4000 Rack (24ch dimmers/ 24ch hard power)

1 Unique Hazer

Roof loadings:

Maximum allowable loads at primary placement of the stage equipment
On the gantry: 3 persons + 50kg/m
On Global 1: 25kg/m
On Global 2: 25kg/m
On T2: 40kg/m
Slick 1: 15kg/m (drape truss)
Slick 2: 20kg/m (drape truss)

PA hangs / projectors (blue dots) 175kg

If snow is not present then the allowable loads shown can be increased by 25%.


For more information or to book equipment 

please contact the Student Union Technical Manager, Ian Lipp

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