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​If you are having difficulties with Tixtu please make sure to read through the FAQ’s below for help, they will provide guidance for the most common issues faced when buying tickets.
If you are still having issues, please contact and let us know your student number and the email address your Tixtu account is registered to. If you have a query related to already purchased tickets, please send us the order number for the tickets in question.


Q: My account isn't registering as a member of the University of Surrey Students’ Union group, what should I do?

A: To join the University of Surrey Students’ Union group you will need to click an event, then click the ‘about group’ button in the top right hand corner, followed by the ‘join group’ button. This will take you to a page in which you will need to enter your URN (AKA: student number) and date of birth. Your URN is the seven digit number, beginning with 6, below your name on your campus card. When entering your date of birth please ensure it is supplied in the following format DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 13/08/1992- you must use the forward slash between the date, month and year, any other formatting will not be recognised.

Q: I’m a final year / graduating but I can’t buy a ticket?

A: The data we have uploaded is from registry and includes everyone that is graduating this year either at Easter or in July. If this is your last End of the Year Show at Surrey you will have priority access to tickets from 8-9am on the 11th June. If this doesn’t work for you please email with your student number and we will look into this for you.

Q: I’m a final year, can I buy tickets for other people?

A: Final years can buy their ticket and one extra ticket for other final years only, they are not to purchase tickets or wristbands for students in any other years. Students can buy up to two wristbands or two tickets for each individual night.

Q: My payment has been cancelled, how do I fix this?

A: If your payment has cancelled please check that your card details match the details that you are entering into the screen, specifically the three digit number on the back of your card. You must also ensure the billing address you have saved in your account settings matches the billing address on the card you are using, if these do not match the transaction may fail.

Q: The tickets are sold out on the website, will there be any more on sale?

A: No there won’t be any more on sale. If the tickets have sold out we will not put more on sale, unless previously advertised that staggered tickets will be used for that event. However customers have ten minutes to complete their transaction on Tixtu once they have selected tickets, so it is possible that after the ten minutes that those tickets will return online for general sale if they haven't been purchased. If tickets have sold out, there will be an icon to say ‘sold out’ next to the tickets in question, however if the icon says ‘not available’ this could mean that tickets are on hold as purchases are going through, therefore tickets may become available again if a student doesn’t complete their transaction in the 10 minute slot. In these circumstances we advise that you just keep trying.

Q: Can I re-sell my ticket?

A: Yes you can re-sell your ticket, however it must not be for more than face value. If the Students' Union discovers that an individual has been re-selling tickets for more than face value, that individual will face disciplinary action and risk their tickets being void.

Q: My account has been charged multiple times

A: This is likely to occur if you have tried to purchase tickets several times with incorrect fraud protection details, for example your CV2 number, your address or the 3D secure password. Your account will not be charged but it may appear to your bank that they have accepted several payments whilst none have actually been accepted. To check how many tickets you have successfully purchased go to the ‘my history’ tab on your Tixtu account and all successful purchases will appear here. If multiple transactions are showing on your bank, please allow a few days for these to correct themselves, money will only be taken if the transaction was successful.

Q: My confirmation email still hasn't been sent how do I know that I have tickets?

A: You will receive a payment receipt straight after purchasing a ticket, however during times of increased demand it may take up to an hour for the ticket (QR Code) to be generated and sent to you. If you want to check the tickets that you have purchased then click the ‘my history’ tab on your Tixtu account.

Q: I have bought my wristband/ticket how do I get into Rubix?

A: If you have a bought a combined ticket for all three nights you will need to exchange the ticket for a wristband and collect your free t-shirt at the advertised time, the wristband includes entry to all three End of the Year show nights and the Citrus on Wednesday the 14th June. If you can’t make the collection time – don’t worry you can pick your wristband up on one the nights on the door. T-shirt sizes are first come first served
You will need your campus card or alternative acceptable form of ID to enter Rubix. To validate individual tickets we will need to scan the QR code that you have been sent, this can either be printed out or displayed on your mobile phone, please have your ticket ready when you approach the venue. Each QR is unique, untraceable and can only be scanned once. The QR code is your ticket, treat this as you would a tangible ticket.

Q: Can I collect someone else’s wristband?

No, you must collect your own wristband, you will not be able to collect anyone else wristband, even if you bought their ticket for them. In order to collect your wristband you must bring your student card and confirmation email. You cannot collect a wristband on behalf of someone else – wristbands must be collected in person.
Wristbands guarantee you entry before 11.30pm. If you have a wristband and arrive after 11.30pm you may have to queue and will not be guaranteed entry but will not be required to pay again. You MUST be in the queue before midnight - which is our last entry time.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: We will not offer refunds for tickets except in very exceptional circumstances; accidental purchase is not sufficient grounds for a refund. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations, event tickets are not subject to a right to cancel; therefore we do not have to offer a refund unless the advertised event has changed significantly.
You may sell re-sell your ticket for no more than face value, please see above.

Q: My friend is a student but not a Surrey Student. Can they come?

A: Students from other UK universities may attend our events with student tickets. They must bring their student cards from their place of study and they will also need to bring another form of photo ID for proof of age, passport or driving license is acceptable. NUS cards may also be used with a supporting photo ID for proof of age. If you are not a student then entry is not allowed to events unless a non-student ticket is purchased for you by a surrey student.

Q: Can I buy tickets for my friends who are not students?

A: Yes, you can buy non-student tickets for friends who are not students. These must be purchased in advance of the event from the website by a Surrey student. Non-student tickets are not available on the door. A maximum of two non-student tickets can be purchased per student. Non-student tickets are limited to 100 tickets on Tixtu for each night. When these sell out unfortunately we cannot let any more non-students into the event. Wristbands will not be available for non-students.

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